Ashta Pradhan

Ashta Pradhan

Ashta Pradhan, shivaji
Ashta Pradhan

Shivaji was a great administrator. He always looked after the welfare of the people. His administrative system praised by the historians. He was assisted in the administration by a council of eight ministers known as Ashta Pradhan.

It was not an advisory body and had none of the characteristics of modern cabinet. All the eight ministers had independent charge of their respective departments. Shivaji was at liberty to consult them jointly if he felt the need but their opinion was not at all binding upon him. The following were the eight ministers who formed Ashta Pradhan.

1.  Peshwa :- He was the Prime Minister. He was in charge of general welfare of the state.

2.  Amatya :- He was the finance Minister. He used to check and countersign all public accounts of the state.

3.  Mantri :- The Mantra or chronicler used to keep a diary of the king’s daily work in the court. He was also known as Wakia Navis.

4.  Sumant :- He was the Foreign Secretary. He was in charge of foreign affairs. He discussed questions of war and peace with the king and advised him on matters relating to foreign affairs. His duty was to keep himself in touch with other states.

5.  Sachiva :- He was the Home secretary. It was his duty to look to the correspondence of the king. He was authorized to revise the king’s letters. He used to check the accounts of the Parganas.

6.  Pandit Rao or Davadhyaksha :- He was the Ecclesiastical head and looked after grants to religious bodies and learned men.

7.  Nyayadhish :- He was the Chief justice. He was responsible for civil and military justice.

8.  Senapati :- He was the Commander-in-Chief and looked after the recruitment, organization and discipline of the army.

Besides the Nayadhish and Pandit Rao all were required to command armies and to lead expeditions at the time of need.


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