What are the twelve ordinance issued by Jahangir?

What are the twelve ordinance issued by Jahangir?

 What are the twelve ordinance issued by Jahangir?

Jahangir has mentioned in his memoirs his twelve ordinances which he issued after his accession to be observed by his people throughout his dominions.

1.  He forbade the levy of duties under the name of Tamgha and Mir Bahri and all those taxes which the Jagirdars used to extract in every Subah for their own benefit.

2.  As theft and robbery was very common on highways, he ordered the Jagirdars of their neighborhood to build Sarais or mosques on roadside. They were also directed to dig wells for the promotion of agriculture and inhabitation of the people. In case these secluded areas fell near the Khalsa land it was the responsibility of the government to carry out all the provisions for the good of the people.

3.  Free inheritance of the property of the deceased person was enforced. If someone died without heir, a government officer was appointed to look after his property and to spend the same according to the canon of Islam for the good of the people. The government officials were forbidden to open the bundles of the merchants without their consent.

4.  He forbade the use of wine and all sorts of intoxicating liquor, whereas he himself used to sip wine daily.

5.  No one was permitted to live in the dwellings of any person without his consent. Cutting of limbs was also prohibited in the reign of Jahangir.

6  Jagirdars and government land Land officers were not allowed to take the lands of the people by force for their own cultivation.

7.  Hospitals were ordered to be built in big cities and efficient doctors were appointed in these hospitals for the treatment of the ailing people.

8.  Following in the foot-steps of his father, Jahangir prohibited slaughter of animals on Thursday, the day of his accession, and Sunday, the birthday of his father.

9.  Jahangir, like his father, ordered his subjects to pay respects to Sunday, the day of creation. The killing of animals was interdicted on this day.

10.  He confirmed the Jagirs and Mansabs issued by his father. Promotions were awarded to the able and efficient mansabbdars.

11.  The Aims or Madad-ma-Aash lands were to be confirmed throughout the empire. The post of Sadra was given to an efficient Sayyid and he was required to look after the poor and the needy.

12.  All such prisoners as were locked up since long, were ordered to be set free.
The ordinances of Jahangir indicated that he wanted to ruler over people in proper way just to prove him to be a liberal ruler having all sympathy towards his subjects.


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