Cause of Failure of Hemu in the second Battle of Panipat

Cause of Failure of Hemu in the second Battle of Panipat


The second battleof Panipat proved to be as much decisive as the first battle of Panipat which was fought between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi on April 20, A.D. 1526. Chance and fate played a very significant role in the failure of Hemu. Had he not been struck in his eye by an arrow and not fallen unconscious, the result of the battle would have been different.

Hemu lacked in war tactics and had some shortcomings as a military general. Just after establishing his control over Agra and Delhi, he was required to chase the Mughals out of India but he made some unnecessary delay and spoiled the entire game. As a result, he lost the sympathy of the Hindus and Afghans who wanted to oust the Mughals from India for ever.

He committed the greatest blunder of sending his artillery with his advance guard without sufficient number of troops to safeguard it. It shows his shortsightedness as a military General and which ultimately played a very significant role in his failure. His artillery was snatched by the Mughals and used against him.

His early victories and especially his establishing control over Delhi and Agra disturbed his mental equilibrium and out of pride and overconfidence he thought himself to be a great victor. He did not weigh, properly the power and resources of the Mughals and ultimately was defeated by them.

Like an efficient General he did not pay attention to history and consequences of the battle of Khanua which was fought between Babur and Rana Sanga, hence he failure to safeguard his army from the trap laid by Bairam Khan in the decisive second battle of Panipat. He also failed to be vigilant about the actual strength of his enemy.

As soon as the Indian army saw him falling down unconscious they took him to be dead and fled away in all directions for they used to fight only for their master and not for the nation.


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