Sikandar Lodi

Sikandar Lodi

Sikandar Lodi
Tomb of Sikandar Lodi

Sultan of Delhi in Lodi Dynasty
Reign – A.D. 1489 to 1517
Father – Bahlol Lodi

After the death of Bahlol Lodi, the issue of succession emerged and rival groups cropped up. One group wanted to enthrone Nizam Khan, also known as Sikandar Shah, the third son of Bahlol Lodi, but the other group which was more powerful was against this proposal because Nizam Kahn was born of a mother who was the daughter of a goldsmith. The supporters of this group wanted that the eldest son of deceased sultan Barbaq Shah should be enthroned. At that time he was ruling in Jaunpur. When Sultan Bahlol Lodi was on his death bed, they endeavored to remove Nizam Khan away from his father but they did not succeed in their motive. T hey doubted that Nizam Khah would capture the throne just after the death of his father. When this tug of war for succession was going on, a cousin of Nizam Khan used abusive language against his mother which changed the entire circumstances and many opponents thronged to his party. He succeeded with their help on 17 July, A.D. 1489.

Among the rulers of the Lodi dynasty, Sikandar was the most significant ruler. He deserved all praise of contemporary and modern historians. He was quite brave and generous and owing to his military virtues he successfully curbed the revolts and enhanced the power and prestige of the Sultanate. Dr. K.S. Lal written, “Sikandadr Shah’s rule of twenty-nine years was full of glory and distinctions. He was the greatest ruler of the Lodi Dynasty and outshone both his father, Bahlol land his son Ibrahim.”

Sikandar Lodi had almost all the merits which made him the master of a handsome personality and good character. He was not lacking in political wisdom and farsightedness. Besides being an efficient ruler he was fond of arts and literature. He loved discipline most. He was kind to everybody and gave charity to the poor and the needy. He was the benefactor of Muslims. He used to favour his Muslim subjects blindly, hence the Hindus began to oppose him. His religious conservatism and orthodoxy was the greatest shortcoming in his otherwise magnificent character.

Sikandar Lodi was a very efficient ruler. He had gained a lot of experience of administration before his accession and had worked on various significant posts during the reign of his father. Hence, he succeeded in eliminating the chaos and anarchy and established a mighty central government. He enhanced his power and prestige by maintaining his control over the nobles and Amirs of the Sultanate. Besides, he reorganized the army and made it very effective and efficient.  He checked the accounts of the provincial officials very strictly to avoid all possibility of misappropriation of the royal money. As he introduced severe punishments, the number of crimes lessened in his reign.

Sikandar Lodi was a brave warrior and a capable general. His entire life was given to suppressing the revolts and waging wars against his enemies. He attained victories against Jaunpur, Bihar, Chanderi, Dholpur, Nagor and other significant States. He carved out a niche for himself in the history of medieval India die to his administrative reforms and significant victories. Dr. A.L. Srivastava remarks about him, “Sikandar was the greatest king of Lodi dynasty.”

During his last days Sikandar Lodi was busy in making expeditions against Gwalior, Dholpur, Rajasthan, Malwa etc. as he fought incessant wars, his health gave way. He was planning to invade Malwa when he suffered from high fever and in spite of best medical assistance, he breathed his last on 21st November A.D. 1517.

Besides extending and consolidating his empire Sikandar was a great lover of arts and literature. He patronized various men of letters. He was an educated man and encouraged the scholars. Some significant books on Ayurveda were translated during his time, under the title, Tibb-i-Sikandari.  He built various buildings which indicate his love towards architecture. The greatest blot on Sikandar’s character as a successful ruler was his relentless bigotry, otherwise he was the most significant ruler of the Lodi dynasty and had all the qualities of head and heart.


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